Ten on Ten :: March 2014

Happy tenth of the month you guys I am so honored that you are here - hoping you might join me in searching for some beauty in the simple unsuspecting moments today! This little project has meant so much over the past six years, I just love the ritual of spending a day each month in this way. There are so many fabulous photo projects around the web now though so weather or not you choose to specifically do Ten on Ten or another similar one feel free to link up whatever beauty you have found recently behind the lens. It inspires me, all of it and I can't wait to see!

ten on ten button


  1. these photos are very cute, hope that you have a beautiful tenth.

  2. everything about you, your photographs, and your words is just delightful and refreshing. and inspiring. love.

  3. Such a beautiful snap shot,of your day..thanks for hosting xx

  4. Loved joining in with you this week Rebekah, love your photos too!

  5. Love your shots. Those little pigtails, and the waiting by the window - beautiful! x

  6. Gorgeous lighting in the window image. Your photographs are always so inspiring.

    1. That was my favourite too! Lovely, lovely images

  7. Observer of your Ten on Ten of Asia, I hope to get into the great adventure next month
    Your photos are beautiful


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